What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is a health profession dedicated to maintaining optimum foot health, through diagnosis, management and prevention of foot and lower limb and foot complications. At CCAHN our university-trained Podiatrists are passionate about remaining at the forefront of Podiatry care through continued education and professional development. East Gosford Podiatry has been serving the residents of the Central Coast since 2005.

Why Should I See A Podiatrist?

Assessment by a Podiatrist can help to identify and proactively treat a wide variety of lower limb complications. As we see an increase in the aging population, chronic health conditions such as diabetes, obesity, vascular health problems, cancer and arthritis are becoming more prevalent. These, along with a general reduction in flexibility and dexterity can all effect foot health, comfort and ultimately independence.
Podiatry intervention may include routine nail care and maintenance, manual debridement of painful corns and callus, education regarding footwear, orthoses and pressure deflection as well as dermatological recommendations and advice.
If you suffer any foot pain, or are unable to comfortable or safely manage you own foot health, a Podiatrist can help.

Conditions Treated

  • A Podiatrist will happily assess, and assist you with;
  • Routine nail care
  • Corn and callus management
  • Acute or chronic foot pain
  • Lower limb and foot arthritis
  • Diabetic screening and risk assessment
  • Falls and slip risk reduction

What To Expect If I See A Podiatrist

Our caring and experienced podiatrists will visit you at home, complete an assessment and provide you with the appropriate treatment or advice to maximise your foot health.
Appointment times and dates are flexible, depending on where you live. Our Podiatrists will willingly work with your GP to obtain the best outcome possible. DVA and medicare referrals are welcome, if considered to be appropriate by your GP.