lynne-imgLynne is a clinical social worker, an accredited mental health social worker, a member of the AASW , the Australian College of Social Work (clinical div) and is a Medicare provider.

Lynne has extensive mental health experience having worked for over two decades  in community mental health settings before moving to private practice in 2006.She has a passion for assisting older adults optimise their quality of life and enjoy stronger emotional and mental health wellbeing. Lynne offers you an holistic treatment approach to strengthening your emotional wellbeing. As a specialist mental health clinician working with older adults she is aware that physical health and social factors can play a significant role in the emotional life of this age group  as can relationship and family issues. She can work with you individually or as a couple. She can also work with your family. The choice is yours.

Lynne’s award winning emotional wellbeing group programs have been offered and enjoyed by numerous central coast aged care residents as well as older adults living in the community.

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